Sunday, November 28, 2004

First but probably not foremost...

It is finished. Wait, no . . . it has just begun. Ah, the sweet perfume of ambivalence. Indeed, I have decided to "finish" the mythical search for the right blog host & software. If I remember correctly I'm right back at the place where I started weeks ago. With that little task behind me, it is time to "begin" the effort to maintain an online archive of a few of my thoughts, observations, musings, rants, prayers, pleas, and . . . poetry?

No, probably no poetry. It's just as well. I'm hoping -- yea, praying -- that doing this blog thang will help . . . that is, help me get more out of my head to a place where I can see it, examine it, reflect on it. I'm afraid poetry would be too taxing on this particular brain, at this precise moment in history. Better that I just learn to spill out a few things when they first hit me, or relatively shortly thereafter, and thereby acquire some perspective that will help me comprehend -- inwardly digest -- them. Too lacking in this department for too many moons, methinks.

Oh, and finally, this is certainly and effort to get back to writing, something they always said I was good at. Seems to me that by the time you're 36, like me, you ought to be focusing as much as possible on what you're good at, eh? Eh?


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