Monday, November 29, 2004

What's permissible to write about?

As I navigated here to create my second-ever post my thoughts naturally turned to "what to say?" It seems that the first three things I thought of immediately involved describing conversations recently held with family and friends. Hmmm... Not sure that's kosher. What would they think were they to read my account of our conversation, to see my perspective on what was said between us paraded in front of the world at large? Basically, the thoughts that came to me initially as things I'd like to commit to paper (well, to print, anyway) were things more suited to a personal journal. Or, is it just that I don't know blogging well enough yet? Perhaps there are "literary devices" I can use, as a blogger, to disguise the folks in my stories, say, or to talk about my experiences with people in a way that will only lift them up, and not offend. Wow. Seems a tall order. Gotta think on that one. In the meantime . . .

Prayers ascending tonight for the great aunt of Mark D., sick in the hospital, and for Mark himself as he works to deal with this illness in his family and at the same time to find the right path in his career; for Amy H. as she settles on the right job situation in her return to the workaday world that doesn't care so much that she already had her hands full as a mommy; and for my Simon B. as he continues to work hard almost daily to prepare for his first ballet performance in "The Nutcracker" with Ms. Maniya and co.


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