Friday, June 20, 2008

Habeas corpus for Gitmo prisoners: CPR for the Constitution of the USA or too little, too late? Neither?

Unbelievably I initially missed this announcement from the Supreme Court last Thursday. It took us only 7 (seven) years to begin the process of digging out of the constitutional grave so many of those in power in this country had worked so hard to dig.

Justices, 5-4, Back Detainee Appeals for Guantanamo

The lives of the prisoners notwithstanding, the damage to the reputation of the U.S. as a beacon of human rights around the world (even when not always deserved) is done, and is also immeasurable.

Perhaps the real story (for the Church?) is the utter failure of the republican-style (not to mention other styles) nation-state to play by its own rules when backed into a corner. We are reminded once again to ask: In whom do we put our faith?

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