Sunday, June 15, 2008

Time to find a groove

What more than that can I say just now?

Well . . . I can say: "Happy 40th, Stuart! You beat me to the next milestone . . . again!" Seems like Rob gets there on 29 July, Greg sometime in August, then me, then Clay bringing up the rear on 6 November. My, my we do age, don't we?

And like I've said to at least three people in the last week (Laura, the barber, and who else?): I still "feel the same" as I did at 18. What does/could this possibly mean? Perhaps that's something I need to ponder out loud in the coming days if I'm to make any sense of it.

Too many things out of whack just now. Perhaps ordination will help set at least one train on the right track, in the right direction. I will therefore (and for many, much better reasons) look forward to it. For now, I ought to just remember to pray. Compline it is, then. G'night.

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